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experimenting w/ a new format...

experimenting w/ a new format...

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beginning from the identity matters group....


how can we see the web for this thread?




do i have the option of making this private? i don't seem to...


the silly doctor thought i had broken my scaphoid, and didn't even pay attention to the fact that i had a very obviously fractured distal radius!

can you believe i had not showered in a week and a half until yesterday? i really didn't feel like myself when i might have been more of myself.

the hand therapist told me to wrap the splint in a towel and cover that with a bag. i felt like i was wearing a muff. it's not heat resistant (that's how they shaped it to my arm) but it is water resistant.


i am so excited to eat my paneer tikka masala and okra curry for lunch! i love okra and being vegetarian.