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so i went back to visit
after a few days away (sitting by my father's hospital bed)
and am trying to figure out the display...
it seems as if, when you go in on a particular thread, and ask to "see it first"
it shows that whole thread and then only the initial posts in other threads...
this is confusing to me...
how do others perceive it?

(p.s. i think we need a "confused" button!)

What Post are you responding to?
Relation of this post to Related Post: 




yeah i'm also struggling to follow all this.  it would be helpful to be able to see the whole thing. 

and another question:  when i'm tracking posts for a class, how do i know where to look for them? always check both collaborative and webby posts?  and how follow different threads on webby posts?


and with audience, i'm unclear about how to tell which audience was specified by post i'm responding to - e.g. in this instance...?