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Changing Our Story: Shifting Identities, Altering Environments

Welcome to the on-line conversation for "Changing Our Story," a pair of
Emily Balch Seminars
(sections 28 and 29) being offered @ Bryn Mawr College in Fall 2014.

This is an interestingly different kind of place for writing, and may take some getting used to. The first thing to keep in mind is that it's not a site for "formal writing" or "finished thoughts." It's a place for thoughts-in-progress, for what you're thinking (whether you know it or not) on your way to what you think next. Imagine that you're just talking to some people you've met. This is a "conversation" place, a place to find out what you're thinking yourself, and what other people are thinking. The idea here is that your "in-process thinking" can help others with their thinking, and theirs can help you with yours.

Who are you writing for? Primarily for yourself, and for others in our course. But also for the world. This is a "public" forum, so people anywhere on the web might look in. You're writing for yourself, for others in the class, AND for others you might or might not know. So, your in-process thinking can contribute to the in-process thinking of LOTS of people. The web is giving increasing reality to the idea that there can actually evolve a world community, and you're part of helping to bring that about. We're glad to have you along, and hope you come to both enjoy and value our shared explorations.

Here are a few specific suggestions from rebeccamec about "learning to weave in the webby...."

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