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The United States and Myself

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Hey! Everyone! I’m Wenjun, from Shanghai, China, but I prefer people call me Marjorie (which name makes me sound more like American) I have studied at a highschool in Manchester, Vermont, for three years, so I do know a little about American culture and humor (hopefully?!). My picture is of my beloved high school, Burr and Burton Academy. As you can see, Vermont snows a lot, but winter is its prettiest season in the year. I would say BBA form who I am now. Because of the three-year experience in the States, I am not that baby who waits mommy to protect under her shield; I am not that baby who shut herself in the room for entire night; I am not that baby who is shy and afraid of talking in front of the public. I become more independent, more outgoing, more courageous. I hope after four years in Bryn Mawr I will turn to be a more mature, intellectual, young woman.