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A Troubling Question: What is home?

The Unknown's picture

Good evening everyone! My name is Rosa. This picture was taken in Bolivia, last fall. I am looking out with wonder and excitement. This rock was apart of a volcano that errupted many years ago.

I am grounded, but also searching and looking beyond. I think of myself more as an explorer, adventurer, maybe even wanderer, but definitely not a resident of anywhere. I do not know what I am searching for or what "home" is to me, but when I have found it, it seems to appear when I am challenged, confronted with harsh realities, or found myself confused. 

Home is not where I am from or where I was born.

I no longer know what I am if not a compilation of stories, people, pictures, and the thoughts and ideas of those who I have been privileged to listen to and learn from. 

Many of us seem to be afraid of change, new beginnings, the unknown, but I thrive in these settings. I fear settling. I look around me, but also with a glance to what lies ahead.

I know I am part of something larger. That the rocks, rivers, mountains, snow, and rainforests I have discovered hold their own stories.

I'd like to think that we can decide the home we make, live in, or are apart of, but I wonder if that is true for everyone. Does everyone find home?