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Towards Days 26-27 (T-Th, 12/8-12/10): Expanding Our Contact Zones

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Both classes gather-- in Anne's room on Tuesday, Jody's on Thursday--
to give-and-hear reports on our "expanded contact zones."
After each presentation we'll take a little time to reflect, give feedback, ask questions...
so: as you’re listening, take notes, look for connections among the various projects

By 5 p.m. Thurs, 12/11: thirteenth short posting: you are welcome to go back in, revise or add to the powerpoint presentation you already archived.

By 5 p.m. Fri, 12/12: fourteenth short posting, reflecting first on your own project:  how might you carry this forward? With whom else might you share it? What else would you like to know-or-understand about your particular “enlarged contact zone”? Reflect next on what you learned from your peers: how did the range of presentations expand your sense of your contact zone?

Tuesday's presentations:
Leigh Alexander and Sydney, Reading Adventures

Ally and Sherry, Nike

aquato and rokoyo, Trans Inclusion at Bryn Mawr

Green and mpatny, The Adventures of Pasta and Pizza at Bryn Mawr

smartinez and Hgraves, Cosmetics in the Contact Zone

Who Am I and Who Am I?, Tracking the MacBook Air

Thursday's presentations:
I'm working on it and wwu2, Tracking Our Academic Consumption

bgenaro, Urban Outfitters

winter princess and changing9, Contact Zone of Clothing

R_Massey and The Unknown, The Contact Zone of Bottled Water Presentation

Weilla and gmchung, Stepping On Others

and completing end-of-semester evaluations...

here's nienna's presentation, too....!