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Towards Day 20 (Th, 11/13): Re-considering Extinction

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Anne and Jody in Puerto Rico...

Rina will select the classroom site (and post about it) for Anne's class; Rose is on for Tuesday

* you have each been assigned two more chapters in Kolbert's book to read for class,
when you will present to everyone else the material you have read...
Anne's section:
Chs 2 & 3: Allie & Sydney
Chs 4 & 6: Rose, Selena and Marjorie
Chs. 7 & 8: Weilla & Hadiyyah
Chs. 9& 10: Rina, Emily & Grace
Chs. 11 & 12: Virushi and Nayanthi

 * this a warm-up for the first draft of another two-week paper, #10, due on Friday:
Use the work we have done all week (summarizing Kolbert’s key ideas) as a jumping off point
both for describing what she is saying, and for reflecting on its implications. Please flag the
ways in which these reflections connect with, interact with and/or challenge other material
we’ve read this semester. In doing so, you will be gathering material you’ll be using to
develop the thesis that you’ll articulate next week.