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A Silent Conversation With Strangers

A Silent Conversation With Strangers

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Different from Green’s and Leigh’s with animals, my non-verbal communication is actually with a human. A baby! Quite often I encounter babies in their mommy’s chest or in a stroller when in the elevator or waiting in line. They are the cutest thing in the world! Instantaneously and spontaneously, my maternal love arises. I can not control myself not to tickle them: pop my eyes as horrifying as possible, or make funny facial expression, or just simply smile at them. And those cuties stare at me curiously with their lively black eyes and smile back at me. How am I supposed to resist them? The conversation between me and the baby silently goes on and on. Even though this conversation only takes about two minutes, and even though we get separate quickly, they still turn their head and gaze back at me, liking saying goodbye. Babies are the unsophisticated ones who are always nice to people, even those who are strangers. But why, as the time goes by, when those babies grow up, they become so vigilant and barely can trust anyone? What changes them? This question needs all of us to ponder.

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