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Play is going to vary across every culture depending on what is accepted as a norm. Unfortunately this in itself creates limits for play, but then there is also the parental factor. While it makes sense for parents to at times be over protective of children and infants, this sometimes creates restrictions of the multiple opportunities for learning and developing new skills. Since I am not a parent I cannot speak on what limits should be placed on children because I havent faced that responsibility. But as an aunt of 3 nephews, I go out of my way to protect them. Sometimes safety tends to over rule what can and can't be done. On the other hand, if kids are taught right from wrong and various ways to be careful but to still interact, I think children can begin to be trusted on their own. An establishment should be built of safety and morals that can later branch out in whichever direction desired. As children grow they then have the capabilities to be safe once they know themselves. Plays limits then change from what is safe to what is appropriate or accepted and to what fulfills one's happiness. Its difficult to place limits on play as one gets older. It seems to be more self defined at that point. 

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