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The Miss

The Miss

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Yesterday I was at Haverford with a girl particiting Japanese Oral. The blue bus only runs once every hour on the weekends; unfortunately, I missed the 12:45 bus. Instead of staying at Haverford doing nothing for another hour, I decided to walk back to school. It was windy but sunny. Walking alone on the sidewalks, I feel my sense of hearing got magnified. I began to feel things that I did not normally noticed. I could hear the difference between the wind brushing the fallen leaves aside to the sidewalk and one blowing leaves off the trees. I could felt the warmness of the sunlight shining on my face. Fallen leaves was like a thick rug that is so comfortable to step on. Red beautiful maple trees sometimes popped into my sight and reminded me of Vermont. I missed the many maple trees in my high school. Even though I missed the bus, I enjoyed my walking outside. It pulled me away from a vivid school environment and sank myself down into the serenity. The miss actually turned out to be a highlight of my day.