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melt in the Fall

weilla yuan's picture

I took a walk down on the path behind Wyndham on a super windy, lovely Sunday. I would have enjoyed the view better if the wind was not that strong. Other than that, everything is super beautiful. When I was walking down on the path, I can feel the sunshine, its not like summer sun which is hot and dazzling, but warm and gentle. The sun shined down on the leaves that reflect a clean, bright green mixed with yellow. The scene as a whole made me just want to lie down on the ground and mingle myself with the leaves and dirt (again, IF without the wind). I used to hate Fall, because I thought everything is dieing and the weather is getting cold. Staring at the tree gave me a new view about Fall---the season changing is just a fashion show for the trees, he leaves are not dying but changing into a new coat. The sky is so blue and high, giving me a fresh, relax feeling. At this point, even the wind could fit in the wonderfulness.