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Get Rid Of The Shadow

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Humans have been destroying the Earth even when they are not aware of it; The entering of Anthropocene is already finished before the humans even realize that they are in it. What happened? Do we know? How can we possibly change the situation now if we do not know what exactly happened? Like the author said, some time among the evolution process, humans have been escaped and developed in their own way. 

This is the question, how did all these happened? Things changed before the humans even found out they had changed. Better yet, Do humans realized that they are the ones who broke the balance of the eco-system? I seriously doubt it. "As long as we keep exploring, humanity will survive." they say, this is how selfish and arrogant humans are. The shadow of over-developed instinct for survival has blinded their eyes. Once they get rid of the shadow, they will be able to make a difference.