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What I appreciate Yumi most is that she lives in her truth. She left home because she thought no one could really understand her value, except her teacher Elliot. She went to UCB and studied what she wanted to major in –English and Asian study. She had three children from three different husbands because she wanted a family every time she married. I think Yumi is a woman who is dare to love and hate when she wrote the letter “I hate you” to her parents after neither of them attended her graduation ceremony. However, she does lacks responsibility and actually she is not living as freely as she thinks. Yumi is a complex person, and although she abandoned her home at fourteen, she still loves her hometown with much affection, even though she said the Idaho’s winter had nothing. But she came back, and could still remember some positions of rooms in her home unconsciously. Yumi was not coming back for either land or heritage but to take a look at her parents and let they see their three grandchildren. Perhaps she was showing everyone in town that she was doing great with her three children, or she may just need an excuse to come back home. I can see family is important to Yumi since she had a child with each of her husband, and for her they are not burdens. Yumi yeans for freedom, but she was also tied up with her family affection, and those are the matters that make this main character human.  








I enjoy the style of this book so much! I love how the book switches. All of the perspectives are like pieces of a puzzle. When you collect the pieces, you get an overall picture of Yumi’s life. It reminds me of another author I enjoy from time to time, Jodi Picoult. She’s an author who also changes narrators, which in turn changes perspectives and tone of the reading. Although this complexities the reading, it makes everything interesting to follow. What I dislike so far is the complex writing technique and the complexity of Yumi.