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folow the light

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Last year I was on leave during the fall semester.  I'd just moved into the city of Philadelphia, the days were bright and blue, and I was learning to take pictures.  One late afternoon I was wandering with my camera through the narrow streets and alleyways over on the east side of the city.  I was in a little dead-end alley where the sun was coming down in slices, and I liked the way the light looked falling over the cobblestones and cement.  A guy was standing about a block away working his cell phone, but otherwise it was quiet.  Then a tall young man walking his dog crossed at the intersection with a larger street - was it Pine? - and called out to me:  "Hey, yeah follow the light!"  I laughed, agreed, and when I turned back into the alley a light blue balloon had settled just for a moment into a stripe of sunshine.  I don't think you can really make that out in the picture.  And I haven't been able to locate that alleyway again somehow...


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A year ago I traveled to Italy for spring break. Coincidentally, Il Palio (a popular horserace) was going on in a nearby city. We decided to attend the event amidst tens of thousands of people in the town square with the sun blazing. The clock tower stood next to where we were and as I was complaining about standing in the hot sun for at least 3 hours I spotted it. The sun hit the tower causing the original yellow bricks to turn the color of a perfectly baked golden brown cookie. I realized that sometimes in a not so great circumstance (like standing in the blazing sun for hours on end and getting a headache later) there is always something which you can appreciate if you take the time to look away from your problem.