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Finally Aware and It's Too Late

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1. Latour proposes that the greatest change to the planet has already occurred. 

2. People do not have the mental or emotional capacity to handle the vastness and complex problems that climate change presents. 

3. People are supposed to feel responsible for taking action and at least trying to slow down the effects of climate change, but this issue is unlike anyone has every confronted before. People can not look back and see how previous generations took action, because the level of destruction and death has never been as great as what scientists show today.

A quote that seems most fitting for characterizing people's mindsets towards the degree of change to the planet is, "How can we simultaneously be part of such a long history, have such an important influence, and yet be so late in realizing what has happened and so utterly impotent in our attempts to fix it?"- This is mindboggling. Even though we have discussed it in-depthly in class, I do not fully understand our disconnection with what is going on around us, the trees, the sun, the animals. Why are ther so many missing pieces?