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Discussion Questions/ Topics

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1. One of the points Bowers makes is that we can not use the same logic that got us into the problem, to get us out of the problem. Unfortunately, this involves a new way of seeing the problem that we are not only not used to, but could it redefine our purpose, sense of self?

2. I think Bowers makes an interesting point when he says that the United States has been prejudiced against cultures that work more closely with the environment. We are not only continuing to be consumers, but we look down upon people who preserve, conserve, and are satisfied with what they have. Our ecological problems are also cultural. Part of the problem that he proposes is that the only way to solve these issues is to see ourselves in a larger cultural, historical and environmental context. 

3. I would like to discuss the ways in which climate change and capitalism go hand-in-hand. Can capitalism coexist with environmentalism and working with our surroundings?

4. I wanted to address the idea of plentitude and how western thinkers are under the impression there is more than enough, it is only a question of having the capital to purchase what can be produced. Where do we see the scarcities?

5. I appreciated how the author combined the losses of multiple kinds of diversity, including linguistic, intergenerational knowledge, and losses to biodiversity. How are these losses connected? Which are more severe?

6. I want to discuss how Bowers connects all of these issues to education.