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Chapter 7: Dropping Acid

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In Chapter 7 of Elizabeth Kolbert's novel, "The Sixth Extinction”, she talks about the impact coral reefs have on the world. Within the chapter, Kolbert takes on an adventure to One Tree Island by accident. But, was able to explore the concept of being able to change the world. She compares corals' to humans’ impacts on the world by stating that corals help to support instead of extinct others. She explains that, unlike humans, coral reefs help to protect and to provide food. Kolbert also dives into to exploring the effects that CO2 has for humans (climate change) and corals (ocean acidification). Within the chapter, Kolbert examines things that are extinct and things that are in danger to be extinct. However, the main concept of chapter 7 seems to battle with understanding what’s extinct is what you don’t see.


Chapter 8: The Forest and the Trees 

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