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Chapter 13 Summary

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WhoAmI and I dissected the final chapter of Elizabeth Kolbert's novel, "The Sixth Extinction." We concluded that she focuses her writing, in this chapter, on four key elements. First, she notes our capacity to appreciate nature and need to react in action through her story of the birds. Second, she plays deeper into the ethical actions of man. Third, Kolbert emphasizes the shared world we live in and the need to acknowledge the direct, and indirect, consequences of our actions. Fourth, Kolbert outlines our slow moving attempt at change and lack of true conviction. Ultimately, all the chapters of the book build up to this final moment when an answer is desired but not given. Kolbert allows the reader the opportunity to explore and investigate possible solution because she does not dictate a specific course of action. The reader is left with a final ultimatum: continue to live as you are or give the future of humanity the chance to exist at all.