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Campus and a Little Trip to Morriswood

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 There is not a day that goes by that Bryn Mawr forgets to remind us of its beauty. After reading about the different types of trees, I began to treat each piece of Bryn Mawr enviornment like a museum, snapping various photos, wondering who brought the seeds to campus, the landscapers involved with the design, how these seeds have been preserved. There were new questions that could've been displayed in my last paper. I was not shocked to still have been bothered by the temperature and the wind. That may have reduced my level of appreciation. It's pretty nice to experience an actual fall. Back in Houston our fall is still warm... So my trip to Morriswood was very short. I'm not quite sure what happened but it might have been the expectation of coming across a graveyard at a relatively late hour, alone... It's beautiful. But there is something so intimidating about standing near a fallen tall tree and surrounded by hundreds of others. The sounds for the most part are peaceful, but my fear of critters of unknown sizes (mainly bugs or spiders, the unkown crunching of leaves and debris not coming from you) made me rethink about how long I should stay there. Maybe if I hadn't gone alone it would've calmed some nerves. I want to go back though. I left a piece of my curiosity of it's history there.