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Slipping response

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By reading Emily Elastad’s interpretation of “slipping”, I was reminded of many memories. The slippery certainly helped me mold myself. I have been slipping since I was born, physically, mentally and spiritually. The difference is that physical ones support my ability of walking, running, and moves need balance to participate in, but mental and spiritual ones not always help. I was easily moved by comments from others. Physical faults are explicit enough that nobody will ignore or unforgiven them. People will pull the slipped one up and care about he or she. Mental and spiritual slippery is not very much noticeable as well as young children do not have any related consciousness about it. My flaws in younger ages were not treated kindly, which made me walk on a linear with only two directions-right and wrong. However, since the comments turned to decorate my faults to make the partial of effort more prominent, I learnt to think differently and   land myself on a plane.