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The Slip of the Tongue

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After reading chapter eight of "slipping", I began to realize that people would rather say nothing than allow their "tongues to slip", in the wake of change. Someone once told me, and I have also come to realize this on my own that not everyone is subsecptible to change, and not everyone wants to see things differently than they have always known it. Page 273 shows a moment in which the author tries to make sense of the use of and a connection between the confederate flag, and the affect Chritmas lights had on a student. Theres a sayig that says "a drunk man never tells no lies." This is the perfect example of an unconscious slip of the tonue. The commanality between the conversation a drunk would have, and the message portrayed by the confederate flag displayed in the student's window is that  they both represent honesty, because the student honestly stood behind his/her ideals and the drunk is incapable of lying. The difference between the two is that one is a good version of slippage and the other is a negative version because the student is more than aware of what message is sent with the display of a confederate flag. The point that i am trying to make is that it is time for people to stop being scared to let their tongues slip in the wake of wrong doing and negative use of the slippage.