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Six week project reflection

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Every group's presentation broaden my view. Also one problem stands out that there are not enough participants took surveys so the result cannot be accrate to draw a conclusion. 

Based on Bryn Mawr bubble, i disscused with Eva about whether we can have a Bryn Mawr website displaying different survey-needed projects from each student.

I raised that:

When a visitor clicks on the name of the project, the discription of the project, the link of survey, how many people from each class are needed and how many people from each class have already taken the survey will show up. All students of Bryn Mawr will be called to visit the website and do some surveys from different academic departments. If we can have every incoming freshmen knowing approximately how many projects they need to complete in four years of college, they will be aware and willing to help.

Eva denied the suggestion, saying filling surveys took too much time and nobody will bother to do them if they counter with time issues. Only when people who take surveys will earn some credits and people who distribute surveys need to consume some credits can people be motivated to particiapte.

I don't have any idea if this plan will be praticed or not, but distributing surveys on social media where some people may notice and others may miss is really not a good condition for doing projects.