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Schedule for Tuesday's presentations

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We'll meet tomorrow in Jody's classroom, Taylor G, in order to hear 7 presentations, in the order listed below.
(If you are on the list, please be sure that whatever you are projecting is up on Serendip by classtime;
this will help us to be efficient about the technical details here, so we can spend our
time on meatier matters!)

Before classtime, EVERYONE please read these notes:

Becca and Irene on making friends: /oneworld/changing-our-story-2016/making-friends-6-week-project

Anna and Eva on cultural connectivity: /oneworld/changing-our-story-2016/cultural-connectivity-anna-and-evas-6-week-project

Amanda and Jennifer on food service: /oneworld/changing-our-story-2016/six-week-project-behind-scenes-food-service-bryn-mawr

Kat and Auri on the BMC bubble: /oneworld/changing-our-story-2016/bryn-mawr-bubble

Francesca, Dorothy, Jessie on Asian American students:

Jessica and Melinda on LGBT and low Income students: /oneworld/changing-our-story-2016/exploration-change-contact-zones-lgbtqia-and-students-low-income-backgrounds

Emma and Kate: on being not-women @ a woman’s college: /oneworld/changing-our-story-2016/illuminating-identities-navigating-gender-all-womens-college

I'm so looking forward to seeing what emerges!