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Schedule for Thursday's presentations

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We'll meet Thursday @ 11:25 in Anne's classroom, Taylor F, and then again @ 7:30 in the English House Lecture Hall, in order to hear the rest of your presentations. We'll do these in the order listed below; if you are on this list, please be sure that whatever you are projecting is up on Serendip by classtime; this will help us to be efficient about the technical details here, so we can spend our time on meatier matters!

We'll begin Thursday morning's class with some questions for, or responses to, Jessica and Melinda's Tuesday presentation on LGBT and low Income students, then have some general conversation about the similarities and differences we saw among the 6 presentations we heard that day: what claims reinforced, which ones challenged one another?

Then we'll turn to the new presentations.

Before classtime, EVERYONE please read these notes:

Emma and Kate: being not-women @ a woman’s college: /oneworld/changing-our-story-2016/illuminating-identities-navigating-gender-all-womens-college

Beatrix and Maia on invisible identity:

Kayleigh and Delilah on LGBTQIA+ health:

Cathy and Toni on intersectionality:

Morine and Ginneh on the first international student:

Jasmine and Rachel on mental health:

Princess on culture of politeness: /oneworld/changing-our-story-2016/bryn-mawrs-culture-politeness

Vivian on perceived vs. concealed identity and media: