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Reaction to the trip

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The trip to Norris Square in the North Philly was an impressive one for me. Coming to Bryn Mawr as an international student I found out that what I saw and experienced in Bryn Mawr are not the real lives of other people outside of this bubble after I visited our "poor neighbourhood". There were some impressions about this country that I had just stayed for 2months turns out to be wrong, like domestic students are all wealthy, liberal, open-minded and confident. People are all good speakers and thinkers, but Asians are relatively more shy and timidate. However, when I met those high school students I realized people in other "liberal" countries that had received advanced education would also experience those nervous, shy and exciting that we all had once during our process of growing up. It's just glad to know we are the same. When walking on the street, someone sang out loud as they walk and we looked at them, someone in our group wispered, they are so weird. But then our tour guide said this is how we are. We all sing. That moment was so impressive for me, I just get a feeling what this community is like and how is it different from the community we live in. I realized there are more communities like that in the United States and people have different cultures and living habbits, what we see and experienced is just a small slice of it. I saw the shadow of a bigger world from this trip, and interested more in the living place out of Bryn Mawr now.