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Project Reflections

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Some thoughts about my project, my presentation, and other projects:

  • One of the things I wished I could do for this project was to visit some of the facilities where food is grown, processed, or recycled. Many of the people I interviewed invited Jennifer and I come see what they do on a normal day or to attend special events. If I had the time to continue I would like to actually take them up on their offer. Im sure these connections could come in handy in the future.
  • Another cool thing was that Richard Clow of Dining Services shared with me a binder of past college sustainability award entries. If a group of students was really motivated to start a new sustainability initiative, it would be cool to look through that to see what other schools have done.
  • Overall, I just feel like one simple way to increase conciousness about sustainability and our effect on the environment and perhaps to burst the Bryn Mawr bubble is to provide people with knoweldge about what happens outside of this community in order for us to enjoy the food served in the dining halls. Right now the format of my research is not super compelling to read but I hope that at least the people in this class enjoyed learning about the chain of events the extends beyond this campus and I would love it if other students outside of this class would read what I found.
  • Thinking about the way we presented our findings to the class, I really like how we allowed people to talk to eachother about the warm up question. However after we did that, I realized I was really curious to know what people were saying. In the future (and this would only really work if we had more time) I would like to have people share back with the large group like we do in regular class discussion.
  • I was really impressed overall with what people did/found and presented. Now my concern is making sure administration knows about the problems we discussed. I hope people can spread their messages to people with the power to bring them into widespread conversation and action. I also hope Anne and Jody can help inform administration of our collective concerns because unfortunatley student concerns are not always taken seriously.