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Playing House as a Child

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     I have two sisters that are around the same age as me and all we would play together was house. Our parents had bought us one of the plastic life size play houses and we would just play for hours. We would first assign eachother roles, although we were usually still sisters but just older. Then we would get our dolls and treat those as our children. This play house also had a kitchen so we would pretend cook and have family dinners together. Luckliy we had a big backyard so we would so make zoos or muesems throughout our backyard and take our children to them. Since our house was so small when we would go to sleep we had pack in there like sardines. Even when it would rain we would still play and put tarp on the roof so that the water would not get inside. We would tell your "children" that we were having a hurricane and we would stock up on snacks as if it were real. This was our favorite part of almost every afternoon.