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Pets: A Selfish Want or A Thoughtful Salvation

Pets: A Selfish Want or A Thoughtful Salvation

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There is this an belief in the earth that humans supercede other species; that we have control over everything, because we can use just about every other species in some way to advance ourselves.  We find use in everything, and therefore we think of them as below us.  The only thing stronger than human force is nature and the weather - which we forget.  We try to control the weather, we try to control nature.  But in the end, we belong to the earth, we belong to nature, and our use of resources does not render us stronger than the resources we use.  If anything, we can't survive without them, so they rule us.

Now I've always wondered, is it selfish to have pets?  Cats are different than dogs because they can live in the wild.  Dogs have been domesticated to the point where they cannot live in the wild, which is extremely sad - what we have done is selfish, and we can dismiss the problem because we take them into our houses and adopt them into our families.  But humans have a way of dismissing a problem because we make an attempt to fix it, yet we don't accept that we continue to do these awful things.  The two things don't cancel out - we can't justify our mistakes and dismiss them just because we attempt to fix the problem.

The way to truly solve the problem we created, instead of taking in the dogs that can no longer survive in the wild, would be to let them go, and let nature work everything out.  If that means dogs would change as a species, then that's normal, and that's what happens in nature.