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Meeting at the Harriton Cemetery

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I picked the cemetery as our meeting location for today because I like the seclusion of the space and the surprising woodsy feel, just minutes away from main campus. I also thought it would be interesting to discuss the Black at Bryn Mawr tour in one of the tour's historic locations. Today I noticed that conversation flowed more than in some of our previous classes, and think it is partly because the space fostered a closeness. Though it was a foreign and non-traditional environment for most of us, we had to face those discomforts together. I recognize that it was a little challenging, either because of navigation, bugs, or projecting our voices over that intrusively loud blower, but I enjoyed the conversations that resulted nonetheless. I also noticed people noticing themselves and doing what they needed to do to cope with distractions or discomfort without disrupting the group. Being in the woods has a different conotation for each of us - for me it is relaxing, centering, and familiar, but I know that it is the exact opposite for others - so thanks for sticking it out everyone.