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Learn Where Your Power Lies

Learn Where Your Power Lies

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"If the half of Americans who say they would join an anti climate change campaign did maybe it is not impossible that they could change the system from the inside, and wouldn’t have to eradicate it." I agree with what starfish is saying about how everything is not necessarily hopeless, and how change is possible without complete participation. I would like to expand upon the idea of changing the system from the inside by suggesting that individuals do have the power to make a difference, we've just been neglecting to approach the problem of climate change caused by corporations and governments through the right lenses. It would be difficult, as many of us have noted, to get enough people to make enough of a lifestyle change to make a difference. However, I believe our power lies not so much in our actions as people, but rather in the choices we make as consumers and constituents. Yes, corporations are hugely influential in our society, but they need our money. Especially as young adults who do not yet hold much societal influence, our greatest power comes from what we choose to buy and what we choose to boycott. Corporations do not have to answer to our demands as environmentally-conscious citizens, but they will respond if the market demands it. If enough of us are vocal in our commitment to buy from companies with environmentally-friendly practices and to boycott the companies who have little regard for the earth's resources, then companies will have a real incentive to improve their practies. Much of the same goes for influencing the government. Democracy grants us the power to create change in our world, and I believe it's our responsibility to use that power to the fullest extent. This looks like getting informed, learning which politicians have a record of taking action to help the environment, and then showing up to the polls to give those politicians the power to make change. It looks like phone-banking, canvassing, having conversations to inform other potential voters, or offering to drive a friend to their voting place. Companies and government officials will not change their ways based on empty demands, but they will respond when we add the strength of our money and votes to our voices.

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