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The Goon

amanda.simone's picture

Two messily spray painted plastic chairs sit empty on the dock that overlooks the swimming hole we at my summer camp fondly call the “goon,” short for lagoon. I love this picture because it captures a quiet moment, of which there are few at my camp, but it also contains potential for action. Any two people could come sit in those chairs and enjoy a conversation, while either looking over the still water or watching rowdy campers swim and play. I chose this photo because my overnight camp is very important to my identity. The community I found as a camper helped me find confidence and certainly shaped who I am today. I gained an appreciation for nature and a respect for silence, but I also found strength, energy, goofiness, and leadership inside me. This summer I worked as a counselor, helping campers have impactful experiences like I did, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!