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The Good ole' Days

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When you are a you have the best job ever- to have fun and grow, but as you get older you realize with age comes responsibiliy and this is sometimes where the fun stops. The fun stops not because you want it to, but becuase you don't have time for it. My idea of fun growing up was playing with my two brothers outside. We would ride our bikes, go to the park to swing- I really love to swing. I loved it when my dad had to push me becuase I didn't know how to do it myself. I would watch my brothers and his friends play basketball and try to join, but I was no good. I often times would sit in the house, and play with my dolls, give them make over, which involved cutting their hair, and painting on lipstick. This was before i realized fantasy from realilty. I grew up watching Bratz, My little Pony, the Winx club, and any other thing that baisc TV would offer me during the week and the weekend. My idea of play was simply having fun with my brother or just being in a happy moment.