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"The-Drama-Of-the-Black-Person-as-an-Integral-Facet-of-the-Universe": Notes Towards Day 14 (Oct. 20)

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* Melinda is site-ing us in the classroom;
reminder to you and Maia to post about your decisions/the consequences....

* 7:30 tonight! S-LP
will be speaking in McPherson Auditorium,
with a dessert reception to follow in Thomas Great Hall

* Your 7th 3-pp. paper (a draft of #8) is due this Friday @ 5 p.m.;
we're going to do a large-group workshop to help you get started
on these projects today.

* you have NO POSTING on Monday night, and NO CLASS next Tuesday,
when we'll be traveling, 3-7 p.m., to Norris Square in North Philadelphia
* we will meet @ Pem Arch @ 2:55--be on time, please!

* on Wed night, post about that experience,
reflecting on it (perhaps in light of one of our class readings?)

* for next Thursday's class (a week from today), Morine will be selecting our meeting site

* for that class, read the first 168 pp. of Ruth Ozeki's novel, All Over Creation.
This is a long (400+ pages) novel, so you should start on it this weekend,
if you haven't already....

III. returning to Getting Mother's Body, via some of your questions
(= large group writing workshop)
* get out your questions, and the passages of text
that you think might help you think about them
* let's go round and read your questions aloud (not the texts just yet,
unless we need to hear them to understand the questions!)
* let's workshop a coupla of these (as a way to continue talking abt. the novel)
* who would like to have their question workshopped?
* who else?

coupla items still simmering from Tuesday's class?
* the (U.S.-specific?) focus on gender/pronoun usage?
* Parks portraying her characters as "low"?
* poverty and acceptance going hand-in-hand?

IV. 12:15: join Jody's class
to watch a 10-minute video about one
of the gardens @ Norris Square, "Villa African Colobo";
those who can't join us on the trip: please watch the longer video
and also the longer version of "Las Parcelas," then do a posting
reporting on what else you learned, what questions/thoughts
you have about what you've seen.