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Destructive play

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Among all kinds of plays, destructive play is the one that creates most harmful outcomes--either to the places around or to the people themselves. Many articles we read were talking about the signifacance about play and how does it generates benefits to chldren mental and physical heath, but destructive play, as I originally thought, detrimental to one's health, For example, a child may learn selfishness by playing with his friends(mentally damage) or being hit by a car when play on the road (physically). In the article Urban Wildspaces, destructive play is futher defined as activities that generate delights from breaking systems and contravening conventions, which generate socail harmness and material destruction to the outer world. Some feature are highlighted, like "radical","physical performance" and "letting go of the conventions of public bodily control". Examples maybe throwing stones to windows or play with fire in the woods.