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The Collapse of Western Civilization

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Ugh, how fitting.

Right now I am thinking about how long four years actually is. On the geologic scale, which is sometimes relevant to the scale of climate change, four years is nothing. But this book reminds us that four years is everthing if it means the difference between ramping up carbon emissions and cracking down on climate changes. According to the book, we as a leading nation had a couple last chances to get serious about the environment, and we just didn't. I can't imagine a climate change-denying leader disproving this story line and I'm scared that soon it will be too late.

But this book reminded me that its not exclusively our world leaders' responsibilities to address climate change. The "cause [of environmental damage] is people" at all levels. People who are "passive deniers," who are not changing their behaviors and lifestyles because industry more of a priority. Not even the scientists proving the existance of climate change are excused; they and the structures of the scientific community are failing to communicate the real and broad implications of their research. We are lacking in big picture understanding and global responsibility.