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Assignment for Monday night: a webby post! plus update on Tuesday's reading...

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Reminder: no writing conferences this week!

For classtime on Tuesday,
please finish reading Jensen and McMillan AND a New Yorker article by
Elizabeth Kolbert, Greening the Ghetto: Can a Remedy Serve for both Global Warming and Poverty?
(Kolbert is also the author of The Sixth Extinction; we read 3 chapters of her book in early October).

By Monday evening @ 5, please create a "webby post."
This involves a coupla more steps than your usual "posts,"

as we experiment w/ making your posts less "stand-alone," our conversation more interactive:
* log on to serendip.
* go to /oneworld/changing-our-story-2016
* read the posts that are already up when you arrive.
is there one you would like to respond to? if so, make a note of its title
* @ the top of the conversation page, under "create something,"
choose "webby post" (instead of  "post," as you have been doing).
* write your post; title it.
* type in the name of the post you're responding to.
* use the pull-down menu to select the relationship of your post to the earlier one:
are you clarifying, weaving, complexifying, supporting, challenging--
or is the relation really "unspecifiable"? pick one. save.

* then go to /oneworld/webby/5818
to see a "visualization" of our conversation as it emerges!
we'll weave the web further on tuesday--
and thanks for being willing to experiment w/ us!