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All Over Creation short post

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“She gave a dark little chuckle. ‘I gonna reach him lesson,’ she said.


Her voice was low, conspiratorial now.’ You know that Nix? He is very bad boy. He play some tricks on me, moving all the labels. So now I trick him back. I move them first, then she think he did it.’

‘She? Who is she?’

‘His mommy. When she catch him, boy, oh boy, she get plenty mad!’”(Ozeki 176)


“’It just means that you’ll probably be like your mom in some ways,’ Geek said.

‘Oh, goodie,’ She snuggled in closer to me.

She did not inherit her good heart from me. Or her sunny nature. Itipped her pretty little daisy face up to mine and gave her a huge kiss.”(178)


"Frankie gulped and nodded, but his mind was screaming. Not bad? It was fucking gruesome. The women where huge, panting and heaving like dogs, their eyes bugging out over these gigantic stomached while bright red babies inched it from between their legs. Aside from the blood, there was mucus and tissue and slime. Charmey leaned in close to the beautiful thing. He looked away. He couldn't bear to imagine her like a flayed animal, bucking and screaming in pain. He wanted to protect her from this, not participate in its coming."(180)


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Ruth Ozeki, All Over Creation. New York: Penguin, 2004