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X11 on Windows with PuTTY

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I'd like to thank Peter for figuring this out. For anyone on a Windows machine who is trying to SSH into the cluster and wants to use X11 port forwarding, you'll need to install Xming. It's a port for the X Window System which can run on Windows machines and it doesn't depend on Cygwin. After you install Xming and run it, a black 'X' should appear in your taskbar tray. Open up PuTTY, navigate to Connection>SSH>X11 on the left and check 'Enable X11 Forwarding'. And voila! Now the pretty CA pictures will appear in a pop-up window when you execute your code. I know this has nothing to do with emergence. Just thought some people would find this useful since X11 forwarding on Windows is almost as difficult as predicting the exact outcome in the Game of Life.


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Good job Sunny! I can't believe I forgot to post about it. I really wish that I could have gotten Cygwin working, but since neither you nor I could figure it out, I figure that the problem is on their end. But, yeah, Xming works like a charm.
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I had Cygwin working at one point last year. I remember having to reinstall it and forgetting how to configure it. Oh well, PuTTY+Xming does the job.