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Uh oh

LindsayGold's picture
Just posting to say that I have no clue what to do a project about. (Neither does jferraio, she says, though I have great faith that she'll come up with somethine awesome.) I hope I'm not alone. Coding, fine, I can do that. But I just don't know where to start. Anyone have any castoff ideas they're willing to hand down? Jumping points? When I asked Doug about this on Saturday, he asked me what I thought was most interesting in the course so far. I still can't decide. Help?


Kathy Maffei's picture

You know what - you're not alone. And it's not like I haven't spent a decent about of time considering the possibilities. I can't even narrow it down to a particular technology - Netlogo, genetic algorithms, neural networks. I hope we have some time at the beginning of class today to do some collective brainstorming and ask some guideline questions, like what tools are available to us (for example, robots?). Scope is yet another concern to narrow down.
julia_ferraioli's picture

Great point Kathy! I didn't even think about resources other than netlogo or python. Robots would be very cool, but again, we'd need ideas before that would become an issue. I also hope that we can pinpoint some general guidelines for this project.
shilton's picture

When I try to explain the emergence course to my friends I start with the idea that simple rules lead to great solutions. I think that maybe it would be neat to think about an original idea to jump off of Langtonā€™s ant or the segregation simulation. Something simple that produces something unexpected and useful. Using netlogo might be an approachable way to go about this project. With you Lindsay, your programming skills may lead you somewhere else, this is just what I was thinking.