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Growing a Tree

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With Doug's help, I posted my tree growing model with some documentation that may be useful. There's a link on the page to download the nlogo file, in case it's of interest. Doug wanted me to document how to post netlogo aps. For BMC students: 1) make sure you have an html folder in your root directory called "public_html" and make sure it and your root directory both have read and execute permissions for everyone. You can also use a subdirectory within public_html - just be sure it has the appropriate permissions. 2) place a copy of your nlogo file in the public_html folder (or whatever subdirectory you want to use within public_html)and open it in Netlogo. You may want to edit the Information tab for your model because Netlogo will place this information in the html it creates when you ask it to save as an applet. Go to File -> Save As Applet... and save the html file it creates with the nlogo file in your public_html folder (or the subdirectory you're using). You can edit the html according to its directions. 3) place a copy of the file NetLogoLite.jar in your public_html directory (or whatever subdirectory within public_html where you placed your nlogo and html files) so that the applet in your html will run. You can find a copy of this file by typing "locate NetLogoLite.jar" at a terminal window. Your html with applet should be accessible on the web at


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Thanks; that is quite useful!