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Final Project

Laura Cyckowski's picture
I'd like to do a model in NetLogo for the final project, I want to make a simulation of ant colonies based off of Deborah Gordon's work, which I read about in Johnson's Emergence and which was also a part of the talk at the Swarm Exhibit. Anyway, I want to try to model how colony behavior changes as it gets older/larger as well as task allocation based on encounters with other ants/agents and possibly interactions with other colonies. Working on getting some of Gordon's papers now so I'm just starting to play around with ideas how to implement it in NetLogo.


shilton's picture

This seems like a good idea. So you will have interactions with the agents on the environment and the environment will influence the agents, right? It helps to know what other people are exploring. Thinking of all the possible ways of going about this final project is a bit overwhelming. It's nice to hear that someone has an idea of where they want to take this. Studying ants seems to be an idea that emergence is very close to. Perhaps you could more closely study the ant display in the robotics lab and incorporate that into your project.