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Field Trip

Doug Blank's picture
A while back Laura suggested a field trip to The Fabric Workshop and Museum. Next Friday would be an excellent time to go. Shir Ly Camin, Education Coordinator, invites us to: Swarm Conversation with the Guest Curators, Abbott Miller and Ellen Lupton Friday, 3 March 2006 6:00 p.m. Camin says "Miller and Lupton will convene a discussion of "swarming" as it reflects contemporary views of nature, politics, and social life that favor unplanned and decentralized modes of organization. They will be joined by Deborah Gordon, Professor of Biological Sciences, Stanford University and Eugene Thacker, Assistant Professor at the School of Literature, Culture & Communication, Georgia Institute of Technology." Also, if you would like a catalog of the exhibit, let me know. The Fabric Workshop and Museum 1315 Cherry Street, 5th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107 p: 215.568.1111/f: 215.568.8211