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Activities of the Center for Science in Society

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This year, the Center is sponsoring several activities—First Friday Lunches where you can hear from your colleagues about the work they are engaged with, supplementary colloquia funds for departments to bring to campus speakers relevant to issues of science in society, several faculty Working Groups, a Brown Bag Series on Choices and Constraints, as well as a Visiting Fellows program. See below.

We are also sponsoring a Faculty Opportunity Program intended to foster and support new collaborative initiatives between faculty to develop and implement research, teaching and institutional stewardship ideas. Click on the link above for more information about these opportunities and at the left in the side bar to download a template for making requests to the Center.

Please also join us for these continuing working groups (click links for info and schedules):

First Friday Faculty Lunches Choices and Constraints


Mental Health and the Brain




Visiting Fellows Archived Events and Working Groups