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Research Topics

In class tonight (3/29) we each shared the topic of our research project with the rest of the class in 6 words (give or take). We would like to share this list with Gina prior to our meeting next Tuesday, but wanted to include the topics of folks who weren't in class today. Please add your topic if you weren't able to be in class tonight, or edit if you want to rephrase! Just FYI, this post is *public* so that it can be shared with Gina.


  • Queerness, hypermasculinity, athletic culture – questions abound
  • Diversity dialogue, disciplinary approaches and definitions
  • Mental health as an issue of identity, help-seeking behavior and avoidance behavior
  • Problematizing happiness and reframing self-care
  • Language, academic writing/discourse and identity
  • Decolonize, politicize, revolutionize, question self-care
  • Images of identity, diversity, and labels
  • Institutional structures about autism including voices
  • No one way to be me
  • Understanding gender through a coloring book
  • Discussing diversity on campus with faculty
  • Identity and institution; discussing collaborative education
  • Identifying institutional needs of first-gen students
  • Teaching diversity in a global context
  • Asian/American experiences of mental health
  • Making help for eating disorders easily accessible on campuses
  • Building inclusive institutional structures for international freshmen
  • Empowerment and access for minority/disabled/low SES students
  • Confronting difficult identity intersections within academia.