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The Center for Science in Society's Site Map

History of the Center

A Planning Document (submitted to the President, November 30, 2000)
About the Center
Getting Involved

Ongoing Working Groups

Diversity Conversations
Exploring Mental Health
Elementary Science Education
Emergent Systems: A Discussion (on hiatus)
First Friday Faculty Club Lunch Series (check calendar for schedule)
Graduate Idea Forum

Initiatives (ongoing unless otherwise indicated)

Bryn Mawr Referendum on the name of the F&GS Program (December 20, 2003)
Building Two-Way Bridges: A Conversation about Gender and Science (2002)
Environment (2003 - under development)
Fellows (2001-2002)
Leadership in 'Action' (Fall 2004)
Mental Health
Re-presenting Parenting
The Two Cultures: A Conversation (2001)
Women, Gender and Culture (2001-2004)
Women, Education, and Science Study (2003)
Work and Family Project (2003)

Past Working Groups

Brown Bag Lunch Discussions (2001-2006)
Cognition and Consciousness: An Ongoing Inquiry (2003)
Explorations of Teaching: What, Why, How and Who (2003-2004)
Information?: An Inquiry (2004)
Language: A Conversation (Fall 2001-Fall 2004)
Rethinking Parenting
Stories of Teaching and Learning: A Conversation
Xinformatics (Spring 2005)
Universe Bar


Dean's Certificate in Pedagogy
Enhancing Connections: The K-16 Community and Integrating Science in the Curriculum (April 6, 2002)
HHMI Science in Society Undergraduate Fellowship Program (2004-2005)
K-16 Collaborations in Science and Mathematics Education:

Making Sense of Physics (July 2003)
Science Education
Supported Undergraduate Courses
Undergraduate Science Research Poster Session (Fall 2001)
Women, Sport, and Film Course Archives (1999-2005)

Symposia & Special Events

Beauty: A Symposium (February - March 2004)
Bernard Rothenberg Lecture in Biology and Public Policy (2003)
Earth Science Week (October 22-28, 2003)
Health and Medicine in Africa (April 13-15, 2005)
Keeping Our Heads Above Water: No Buoys Allowed (November 15, 2005)
Science In Society in the 21st Century: Interdisciplinarity and Beyond (August 9-10, 2004)
Symposium: A Matter of Time (Spring 2003)
Symposium on Graduate Research in Mathematics and the Sciences (September 27, 2002)
Women and Science: Opportunity in a Changing Landscape (October 26-27, 2001)
Women Living Well Seminars (2003-2005)


Theorizing Interdisciplinarity: Metaphor and Metonymy, Synecdoche and Surprise (June 2003)
Theorizing Interdisciplinarity: The Evolution of New Academic and Intellectual Communities (September 2004)

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Story-Telling in (At Least) Three Dimensions: An Exploration of Teaching Reading, Writing, and Beyond
The Grace of Revision, the Profit of "Unconscious Cerebration," or What Happened When Teaching the Canon Became Child's Play

International Connections

Effat College: A New Science College for Women in Saudi Arabia
Singapore/Science Connection - Al Albano (2005)

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Serendip's Togo Connection - Susan White

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