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Bryn Mawr College Earth Science Week
October 22-28, 2003

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Along with the American Geological Institute (AGI), Bryn Mawr College Earth Science Week "promotes understanding and appreciation of the value of Earth Science research and its applications and relevance to our daily lives."

Objectives of Earth Science Week:

*            To engage students in discovering the Earth sciences.

*            To remind people that Earth science is all around us.

*            To encourage Earth stewardship through understanding.

*            To motivate geoscientists to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the Earth.

Photographer: Mark Milling, Copyright © AGI
Image courtesy Earth Science World ImageBank
To meet these objectives, Geology Department undergraduates JoAnn Gage, Stephanie Nebel, Kira Tushman and Brenda Zera, graduate Sarah Hale, and faculty advisor Aviva Sussman have put together a week of activities, speakers and forums. We invite you all to join us for the following:


Dining Halls Serve 'DIRT' for dessert


12:00 Noon, ROBIN ABELL of World Wildlife Fund Speaks on her professional rise in WWF's Conservation Science Program from Intern to Program Leader. Robin is a great speaker and her story is fascinating! Refreshments will be served.

4:00pm, MARY SETON of Greensgrow Philadelphia Project speaks on " Demystifying Urban Agriculture"


10:00am-3:00pm, Earth Science Fair in the Campus Center (Kids welcome!)

  • Make your own pet rocks!
  • Crush your own Geodes!
  • Participate in a nature scavenger hunt!
  • Eat chocolate trilobites!
  • See live 20th century women geologists!
  • Meet the Batten House Women and learn about their lifestyle!!
  • Learn about the Campus Greens and their Earth friendly ideology                      

4:00pm, Rhoads Pond Cruise 

Watch Dean Karen Tidmarsh take the inaugural voyage in the Geology Department's Aquatic Research Vessel!!!!  Learn about the research activities the Geology Department does in the Pond!

9:00pm-???, Earth Science movie Marathon!

Spend the night watching Earth Classics such as:                                                                               

  • Volcano                     
  • Armageddon
  • Dante's Peak               
  • Deep Impact
  • The Core               
  • Twister
  • Earthquake                  
  • Jurassic Park


12:00 Noon, LISA ZUBOWICZ of PennFuture speaks on student environmental/political activism and renewable energy. Zubowicz says, "there is a lot going on in the state and we'd love to get students involved!" Her talk is sure to be informative and exciting!

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