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Dean's Certificate in Pedagogy

The Dean's Certificate in Pedagogy is offered by the Deans of the two Graduate Schools of Bryn Mawr College. All graduate and post-doctoral students who would like to develop and improve their teaching abilities and experiences are invited to participate. The program begins when a student notifies a Dean to express her/his interest in participating, and all requirements must be completed within two years of this starting date. Activities are student-driven, but are completed with faculty support and guidance. When all requirements have been met, participants must schedule a meeting with a Dean to review and discuss all relevant materials.

Certificate Requirements:

1. Attend at least 6 workshops in the "Stories of Teaching and Learning: A Conversation" series.

2. Create a teaching portfolio to document and reflect on your teaching experiences and to develop a personal teaching philosophy. Additional guidance in the form of readings and/or examples will be provided.

3. Complete a total of three activities designed to encourage a better understanding of one's own teaching style and areas for growth and improvement. Choose two (2) activities from group I and one (1) activity from group II. Alternative activities may be developed in consultation with a Dean. Additional guidance regarding record keeping will be provided.

Group I--Assessment (select two activities; keep a record of your interactions)

  • Observe, and assess the teaching style of three different faculty members. Select at least one professor from outside your department. Arrange to discuss your observations with the professor.
  • If you are a T.A. or have teaching experience, discuss your student evaluations, and the evaluation process, with an appropriate faculty member. Use your most recent teaching activity as a basis for this discussion.
  • Arrange to have a faculty member observe your class session and give feedback on style and content. Or, videotape your class and critique it with a faculty member.

Group II--Skills (select one activity to be completed with a faculty mentor)

  • Develop a course (choose text, write syllabus, prepare 3 lectures with audio-visual or other enhancements).
  • Develop a non-lecture activity. For example, design a laboratory exercise, a language drill section, a conversation section, or a web-based exhibit.
  • Write a series of exams, problem sets, or other homework assignments (with solutions) for a class of your choosing.
  • Be responsible for an ongoing seminar series, or develop and initiate a new series.

For more information, please contact any of the following:

Dale Kinney, Ph.D., Dean, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Raymond Albert, M.S.W., J.D., Co-Dean, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

Marcia Martin, Ph.D., Co-Dean, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

GSAS/GSSWSR Committee on Pedagogy & Professional Development

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