Making Sense of Physics

Michael Noel, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at Bryn Mawr College and Flora Shepherd, a Bryn Mawr undergraduate, are developing an interactive demonstration program to engage K-12 students with the meaning and excitement of physics. Development of the program is being supported by an NSF grant to Michael.

The photos here were taken during a trial run of a show in July, 2003 (see additional photos). This show is an exploration of the meaning and significance of states of matter and the phase transitions that occur among them. Mike and Flora invite the audience to experience for themselves the differences between being a solid, a liquid, and a gas, and to witness some of the real world phenomena which result from these differences.

Mike and Flora expect that the project will yield interactive demonstrations suitable for audiences of a variety of different ages. For further information, contact Michael Noel.

Being a solid/liquid/gas

Gases expand ...

Air pressure is serious business ...

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