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Graduate Idea Forum

Graduate education involves in-depth exploration of particular disciplines. It is also faciliated by simultaneous explorations of the place of particular disciplines in broader intellectual and social discourse. A Study Group was organized in Fall 2002 by GSSWSR and Arts and Sciences graduate students, with the support of faculty from various disciplines, to encourage and facilitate the broader explorations, by reading together excellent semi-popular books on general interdisciplinary themes.

Any graduate student or faculty member interested in thinking about intellectual issues which transcend particular disciplinary borders are invited to join this working group by contacting Roland Stahl.

Discussion in the Study Group led, in Fall 2003, to the establishment of a second working group on "Explorations of Teaching," designed to explore why, what, and how we teach and learn, who we are as teachers and learners, and how these questions and the answers to them are mutually influential.

In Spring 2005, the working group "Stories of Teaching and Learning: A Conversation," was established, to encourage and support ongoing thinking about the nature and practice of education using Bryn Mawr itself, and the experiences of learners and teachers here, as a case study. Graduate and post-doctoral students who participate regularly in this working group can acquire a Dean's Certificate in Pedagogy; for more information contact Corey Shdaimah or Cheryl Selah.

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Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings are at the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

Parking is readily available, as is the Bryn Mawr Shuttle service. Please let us know if you would like childcare.

The Force of Creation, by Sharon Burgmayer

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