Wanna Be Surprised?

Making Sense of Diversity:
A Conversation at Bryn Mawr College

A Series of Friday Noon Conversations (with lunch)
Multicultural Center

Spring '06 Discussions
Jan. 20 Nell Anderson and Chris MacDonald-Dennis Engagement with Community and Diversity Through PRAXIS
Feb. 3 Katie Campbell, Ellie Esmond and Debbie Rubin Challenging Ourselves:
Poverty--Stereotypes and Service
Feb. 17 Claudia Ginanni, Carla Shedd Are You What You Do? Occupation, Identity and Group Loyalty
Mar. 3 Liza Jane Bernard, Sally Harrison,
Pim Higginson, John Duronville, Amanda David, Hannah Upp
Perception of the Other:
Bryn Mawr and Haverford
Mar. 17 Stephanie Bell Exploring Issues of Disability and Access
Mar. 31 Carolyn Lloyd and Courtney Moore Have You Heard... The BMC Gossip Mill and Other Challenges of Living in a Community of Women
Apr. 14 Orah Minder, Anne Dalke, Wil Franklin and Paul Grobstein Religious Perspectives and the Liberal Arts Environment


Fall '05 Discussions
Sept. 9 Li-Chen Chin, Alev Cinar, Ronke Imbeah-Ampiah '06 and Christine Koggel Women's Roles 'Round the World
Sept. 23 Christina Gubitosa, Molly McTague, Li Huan Lai, Anka Wilk, Nell Anderson and Jody Cohen College as a Choice:
Blue Collar Roots, White Collar Dreams
Sept. 30 Michelle Mancini, Amy Craiger, Val Jankowski and Jackney Prioly Governing Ourselves:
Does the System Support Everyone?
Oct. 21 Ruth Conboy One Size Does Not fit All:
Body Issues and Images
Nov. 11 Elle Endre-Stacy, Chris MacDonald-Dennis, and Rachel Robbins The Politics of Sexual Orientation
Nov. 18 Florence Goff and Karen Tidmarsh Examining Our History:
Inclusion/Exclusion at Bryn Mawr
Dec. 2 Nell Anderson, Vanessa Christman, Jody Cohen, Anne Dalke, Christina Gubitosa, Li Huan Lai, Molly McTague, Rona Pietrzak, Anka Wilk Re-envisioning Class in and Beyond the Bi-Co

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2003-04 Archive: Schedule, invitations, and forum.


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